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A Benefactor Star Bestowed by the Town Council

A client was referred to me by a friend of mine. He was wondering should he sell his landed house by the side of a small dark road and move into a more expensive condominium. From his Bazi chart, I could see he was going through a better luck cycle in the next few years, and his career was as smooth as butter back then. From what I derived from his Bazi, there should be a form of light source built upwards in a particular direction (先天水) from his house during a certain period of time. If it happened, he did not need to move house, as he will be going overseas.

True enough, he called me back a few months later and told me the town council had installed a lamp post in that specific location as residents around his area had feedback the dark road many times. He was headhunted to America and had been living there since, all thanks to the lamp post. That particular area was also his benefactor star sector.


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best fengshui master singapore

The Final Resting Place

A family engaged me to see their new house Fengshui after they have collected their keys. Selected their Built To Order flat 3 years ago, not realising the layout would be detrimental to their father’s health, especially so when he was diagnosed with cancer a couple of years prior to collecting the keys.

The intended stove area was in the NorthWest (火烧龙门) sector. To make matters worse, this sector was the inauspicious location of the father’s. The flying stars for the year was also unfavourable. The Qi at the external landscape (先天水) was outflowing. Over and above that, the year was a heavy Earth element year (土多金埋).

We did what we could do by improving the father’s auspicious sectors, shifting the intended stove location, and selecting the ideal bed location. The father remained energetic despite going through cancer treatment, quality of life improved, and managed to outlive the doctor’s life expectancy estimation by a year.

He passed away peacefully in his sleep.

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best fengshui master singapore

An Excruciatingly Beautiful Sunset View

Happy newlyweds moved into their dream house with a scenic sunset view at their balcony, little did they know their marriage would eventually turn into a nightmare. The wife was an extremely strong fire person and the husband was a weak metal person. The husband began to return home late every night, became violent towards the wife, and was later found to have an extra-marital affair. All happened during the fire three years (火乡). Divorced, and both the husband and wife left their high-paying jobs due to unhappiness at work too, exactly at the year of the grand duke(太岁) coming from the antennas.

The wife came to me for reading when they were selling their house. My thoughts?


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